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Making Room For The New

Making Room For The New

If you’re like most people in the Philippines, you probably hang on to a lot more stuff than you need to.

If not yourself, you’ve probably grown up in a household that just liked to keep things well past the time you spent making use of them.

You’ve probably grown up with a natural instinct of looking at an old item, and just having this innate feeling that it still has potential and that you’ll find a use for it if you hold on to it long enough.

Most of the time you can even envision a small glimmer of that potential in your mind, and gives you hope in fulfilling it in the future.

Unfortunately, most of the time this doesn’t happen.

The objects in question often lay forgotten, collecting dust, among so many others in the garage, the attic, under the stairs, or some other repository for old things you or your family cannot bear to part with.

Why? Because that innate feeling is at play. Because you still know it’s worth just by looking at these things.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a wrong way of thinking.

In fact, that gut feeling is often right. These objects often do have potential beyond your use for them.

What needs to change however is our attitude in thinking you’re the ones to fulfill this item’s second life.

Our own lives get in the way, we move on to newer things, other ventures take place. We lack the time to look back on things behind us, because of the effort it would take to bring them back into the present.

What ends up happening is we wait until the last minute, when the items begin to take up our time and space just by sitting there, and their potential has wasted away, forcing us with the difficult decision of throwing them away.

Nobody wins when this happens. It’s just how we get by when it occurs.

Instead of holding out hope to save these items, why not save the time, energy, and potential by deciding to let these items go to others who are already willing to make something of them in their current state, right here and now.

Choosing to resell these items at the right moment benefits everyone, and even the items themselves.

These advantages are quick to see: for starters, it’s income— the kind that cushions your overall expenses in the long run.

Another is that reselling makes sure the item is given new life.

This reduces waste, and allows others to make use of it, at a rate that’s more comfortable to them.

You’re happy, they’re happy, and we make the most of our things

Most importantly it frees up time and space within your home, and affords you a little more freedom and means to move up to newer, better things.

You can free yourself from the clutter, as well as free your conscience that kept telling you to keep it.

The clutter you insist on keeping for the best reasons reflects our own lives, and the clutter we keep within ourselves.

Why not keep a free and fluid lifestyle, but passing on what we no longer need, and save space for ourselves to grow?

Waste not, want not, and a little change never hurt.

We’ve got less excuses now that the modern age has made this much easier and more convenient than ever before.